9-hole League


Tuesday is designated as ladies day at The Plantation Golf & CC. The PL9GA offers weekly league play every Tuesday with a 1:00 PM shotgun start unless so noted due to other club activity. Generally, the playing field alternates between the front and back nine. 


All members who wish to play are required to sign up by 5:00 PM on the Friday prior to each Tuesday event. The signup book is located in the Pro Shop. Members may also call the pro shop to signup.


The focus of league play is camaraderie and having fun – not competition. The game is an integral component of weekly league and member participation, therefore, is not optional. A $4.00 entry fee will be charged to all game participants. To ensure fair and equitable play, the USGA rules of golf and PL9GA standing rules are applicable to league play. Maximum handicap index of 40.4* (43 handicap) applicable to all players.


The method used for pairing players is determined by the game format and intentionally varies from week to week to enable players to interact with a variety of other players throughout the season. The Club will pair player groups based on the game format. Pairing format guidelines are as follows:

  • Individual —players paired with other players with similar handicaps. 

  • Two Player Team—signup list is sorted by handicap and divided into two equal sections. Each team will include one player from each section.

  • Four Player Team—signup list is sorted by handicap and divided into four equal sections. Each team will include one player from each section.  


Prizes are awarded to players on an individual or team basis. Guidelines for prize distribution varies based on the game and is determined by the Golf Pro.


Weekly Challenge

Each week a different hole will be selected.  Before game play for the week, someone from the Golf Shop will present tips for the hole for that week.  There will be an opportunity for questions and answers regarding the best way to play the hole.

Periodically, there will also be a "Challenge of the Week".  After game play, a beverage ticket will be presented to the person/persons who meet the challenge.  (Tickets must be used the day of play and the player must be present to win.)

*The USGA Handicap System™ enables golfers of all skill levels to compete on an equitable basis. The maximum allowable handicap index for women is 40.4 (20.2 for 9 holes). This equates to a handicap of 43 when playing from the red  tees at The Plantation Golf & Country Club.

Weekly Games - 2021 - 2022

Explanation of New Tournament Tees

                                    October 28, 2019
PL9GA Ladies
Our first Nine Hole League game will be November 12.  Again this year, we will begin at 12:45 with a  presentation by one of the Pros on rules or helpful playing hints. A shotgun start will be at 1p.m.  The Rules and Games committee has planned a great season of fun team and individual games.  Weekly Challenges will be back this season.  Challenge winners receive a choice of a soft drink, house wine, or domestic beer.  
A proposal was suggested to assign a combination red/orange field.  This combination of tees will be called “Black Tournament Tees” for Tuesday league only.  Special black tee balls will be placed to designate the tees.  Everyone will play from these tees on league days only.
Here is how it lays out for the ladies:
        - Hole 1 279 yds Red tee
        - Hole 2 127 yds orange tee
        - Hole 3 red/orange (drop zone relocation) 225
        - Hole 4 460 yds Red tee
        - Hole 5 310 yds Red tee
        - Hole 6 210 yds Orange tee
        - Hole 7 360 yds Orange tee
        - Hole 8 red/orange (drop zone relocation) 250 yds
        - Hole 9 95 Red tee
2316 Custom L9GA tees
2553 Red as today tees.
237 difference on 9 holes
        - Hole 10 280 yds Orange tee
        - Hole 11 240 yds Orange tee
        - Hole 12 76 yds Red Tee
        - Hole 13 427 yds Red Tee
        - Hole 14 Red /orange (drop zone relocation) 226 yds
        - Hole 15 90 yds Orange tee
        - Hole 16 Red/orange (drop zone relocation) 390 yds
        - Hole 17 329 Red Tee
        - Hole 18 285 Red Tee
2343 Custom L9GA tees    
2557 Red as today tees
213 difference on 9 holes
We want all players to enjoy league play. There was a discussion with Matt and Charles about options to meet the needs of all players.  Following the discussion, these goals were established to:
        -Build confidence in beginning and high handicap ladies
        -Promote inclusion and improve participation
        -Improve pace of play
        -Present a chance for those higher handicap ladies to contribute 
The executive board has approved the use of the combination “Black Tournament Tees” for a trial run during November and December.  We have three individual and three team games during this time.  After the trial period, the members will be asked for their feedback and a decision will be made as to how we will continue for the remainder of the season.  Games will be flighted and scores posted by pro-shop.
We look forward to a fun season reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.