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Recognition & Awards 


One of the goals of the PL9GA is to recognize the growth and achievements of our players in the game of golf. Annual awards will be given to members at the closing day luncheon.  To be eligible for an annual award, the member must play in at least one-quarter (¼) of the play days throughout the season.


The Recognition/Handicap Committee will track:


  • Pars – will be tracked after each league game by the Committee utilizing the player’s scorecards. Indicate a Par by circling the score on your card.


  • Birdies– will be tracked after each league game by the Committee utilizing the player’s scorecards. Indicate a birdie by circling the score on your card.  Birdies obtained during league days are recognized throuout the season with the placement of a "birdie" on the PL9GA Birdie Tree in the Ladies Locker Room.

  • Eagles – will be tracked after each league game by the Committee utilizing the player’s scorecards. Indicate an Eagle by circling the score on your card.  


  • Chip-Ins (putt off the green is considered a chip-in) – will be tracked after each league game by the Committee utilizing the player’s scorecards. Indicate an chip-in by placing a circled “CI” adjacent to your hole score.


  • Most Improved Golfer – At the end of the season the Committee (along with the golf pro) will determine the most improved golfer for the season based on handicap variance.


  • Ringer Board - Ringer scores are tracked for each member. A ringer score is the lowest recorded score on each hole for the entire season. season. Awards are presented to the players with the most improved ringer scores at the end of the season for the front and back nine. 




2021-2022 Awards Recipients:

  • Most Pars:  

  • Best Attendance:  

  • Birdies: 

  • Chip-ins:  

  • Most Improved Golfer:  






2020-2021 Awards Recipients:

  • Most Pars:  Patty Gletzer

  • Best Attendance:  Val Robinson

  • Birdies: Debbie Schmitt, Ann Flanagan, Alicia Rainstein, Cookie Chencharik, Nancy Gutowsky,
    Connie Niquette, Cindy Christopher, Diane Hibbs, Patty Gletzer, Donna Staib, Linda Haglund, 
    Maureen Stewart 

  • Chip-ins:  Debbie Schmitt, Janet Powers, Jill Carto, Alicia Rainstein, Cookie Chencharik
    Judy Chontos, Toni DeMarco, Diane Hibbs, Ellen Anderson, Maureen Stewart 

  • Most Improved Golfer:  Tami McKane

2018-2019 Awards Recipients:

  • Front Nine Ringer: Cookie Chencharik

  • Back Nine Ringer:  Nancy Gutowsky

  • Most Pars:  Nancy Gutowsky/Barb Tabaie

  • Best Attendance:  Val Robinson

  • Birdies and Chip-ins:  Judy Chontos, Donna Contee, Mary Cummons, Cookie Chencharik, Cyndi Christopher, Cathy Fries, Patty Gletzer, Kellie Glendon, Sally Hamerschlag, Carol Kegel, Herta Klaman, Elona Martellacci, Alicia Rainstein, Valerie Robinson, Donna Sefdpre. Debbie Schmitt, Sherry Stokes, Barb Tabaie

  • Most Improved Golfer:  Barb Tabaie


2017-2018 Awards Recipients:

  • Ringer Board: Sherry Goucher (front 9), Sherry Stokes (back 9)

  • Most Pars:  Cookie Chencharik

  • Birdies: Jackie Bidwell, Dawn Kinghorn, Sarah McDonough, Debbie Courtright

  • Chip Ins: Pam Boyle, Cookie Chencharik, Toni DeMarco, Ann Flanagan, Nancy Foresman, Kellie Glendon, Nancy Gutowsky, Kathy Olson, Val Robinson, Sherry Stokes

  • Most Improved Golfer: Jill Carto

  • Most Challenges:  Karen West

  • Click Contest: Debbie Schmitt


2016-2017 Awards Recipients:

  • Ringer Board: Valerie Robinson (front 9), Jeannete McLean (back 9)

  • Most Pars: Dawn Kinghorn (15)

  • Birdies: Linda Basler, Wendy Brookover, Robbie Cardiff, Nancy Foresman, Kellie Glendon, Nancy Gutowsky, Debbie Hammond, Linda Johnsen, Jeanne Katelman, Dawn Kinghorn, Elona Martellacci, Peggy Schweitzer, Mary Stried, Cat Tiscione 

  • Chip Ins: Chris Alayon, Lorraine Anderson, Linda Basler, Marie Becker, Pam Boyle, Judith Contos, Toni DeMarco, Nancy Foresman, Sherry Goucher, Linda Johnsen, Sarah McDough, Katherine Olson, Mary Pearson, Sue Peterson, Elena Piazza, Valerie Robinson, Lynn Sullivan 

  • Most Improved Golfer: Alicia Rainstein

2015-2016 Awards Recipients:

  • Ringer Board: Marie Becker (front 9), Lory Hucul and Val Robinson (back 9)

  • Most Pars: (17): Lynn Schmidt

  • Birdies:: Chris Alayon, Marie Becker, Olga  Gibbs, Val Matulis, Val Robinson, Peggy Schweitzer

  • Chip Ins: Cookie Chencharik, Sue Harmon, Judy Hsieh, Debbie Schmitt, Sue Peterson, Lynn Schmidt, Adriene Weiner, Marlene Whyte

  • Most Chip Ins (2): Judy Hsieh, Cookie Chencharik, Sue Harmon,  Debbie Schmitt 

  • Most improved Golfer: Linda Johnsen


2014-2015 Awards Recipients:

  • Rule of the Week Quiz:  Most correct answers - Lynn Schmidt

  • Most Responses – Judith Anderson, Lynn Sullivan, Deb Hammond

  • Ringer Board: Marie Becker (back 9), Carolyn Moore (front 9)

  • Most Pars: (23): Vicki Hanselman

  • Birdies:: Patti Andricks, Nadine Belejchak, Jacalyn Bidwell, Cookie Chencharik, Sherry Goucher, Esther Granade, Nancy Gutowsky, Vicki Hanselman, Anne Holmes, Annette Lalonde, Carolyn Moore, Nicole Noiles, Mary Ann Parent, Susan Peterson, Janet Pitz, Lynn Schmidt, Sherry Stokes, and Adrienne Weiner 

  • Chip Ins: Judith Anderson, Patti Andricks, Nadine Belejchak, Toni DeMarco, Nancy Foresman, Fran Goldner, Judy Hsieh, Linda Johnsen, Herta Klaman, Annette Lalonde, Valerie Matulis, Nicole Noiles, Mary Pearson, Susan Peterson, Janet Pitz, and Lynn Schmidt 

  • Most Chip Ins (2): Patti Andricks, Nadine Belejchak, Judy Hsieh

  • Most Birdies (3): Sherry Goucher, Nicole Noiles, Adrienne Weiner

  • Most improved Golfer: Nicole Noiles 


2013-2014 Awards Recipients:

  • Rule of the Week Quiz: Nancy Foresman & Lynn Schmidt

  • Ringer Board: Marie Becker (back 9) & Esther Granade (front 9)

  • Most Pars: Jackie Bidwell

  • Birdies: Jackie Bidwell, Lynn Schmidt, Wendy Brookover, Ann Flanagan, Esther Granade, Vicki Hanselman, Judy Hsieh, Lory Hucul, Herta Klaman, Lana Miles, Janet Pitz, Karen Schwellinger, Sherry Stokes, Nancy Gutowsky, Helen Casper & Anne Holmes

  • Chip Ins: Judith Andersson, Cookie Chencharik, Nancy Gutowsky, Deb Hammond, Judy Hsieh, Karen Swellinger, Herta Klaman, Katherine Olson, Kathi Olejnik, Lynn Schmidt, Debbie Schmitt, Sherry Stokes, Sue Harmon, & Cat Tiscione

  • Hole in One: Cat Tiscione

  • Most Improved Golfer: Annette Lalonde


2012-2013 Award Recipients:

  • Rule of the Week Quiz: Vicky Lamb and Connie Patterson

  • Ringer Board: Herta Klaman (back 9) and Vicky Lamb/Connie Patterson (front 9)

  • Most Pars: Vicky Lamb

  • Birdies: Nancy Foresman, Nancy Gutowsky, Annette Rush

  • Chip Ins: Judith Andersson, Herta Klaman, Annette Lalonde

  • Most Improved Golfer: Valerie Robinson


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